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5 Reasons Why You Should Let Adscend Buy You a Beer at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World CongressWith over 100,000+ people, nine exhibit halls, and booths that are larger than high school gyms, Mobile World Congress is hectic. Throw in the Fira Gran Via, where walking from hall to hall will add 4k steps to your fitness tracker, and it’s tempting to head to the Gothic Quarter for “Sangria O’clock.” However, you didn’t travel all the way to Barcelona just to eat tapas (and we are totally cool if you did btw). You’re looking conference ROI, and that’s where the Adscend Media team can help.

We’d love to buy you a beer (most likely it will be an Estrella), have a quick chat, and see if Adscend can help grow the revenue of your app, network, or brand. Free beer not enticing enough? No problem, here’s…

5 Reasons to Meet with Adscend at Mobile World Congress:

We Can Increase Your In-App Revenue & Retention: 

Did you know that 95% of users don’t make in-app purchases? Our Rewarding Ad solutions can help you monetize those passive app users by giving them a new way to earn your premium in-app rewards (virtual currency, character upgrades, bonus levels, etc.). Users simply need to perform quick actions to earn your rewards, such as watching short videos, completing quick surveys, or downloading apps. For each offer completed, you’ll earn a commission. In short, rewarding ads are a win-win for everyone!

Our Rewarding Ads can help you generate eCPMs up to $90:

  • Offer Wall: Users choose from a wide variety of easy-to-complete offers to earn your rewards. We’re also the only Offer Wall provider to offer direct user support!
  • EngageMe.TV: Users watch engaging videos like cooking demos or movie reviews to earn your rewards, and can watch an unlimited amount of videos per day!
  • Rewarded Video lets users earn your rewards just by watching short app trailers
  • Market Research Surveys allow users to complete higher-credit surveys, based on their interests, to earn your rewards.

We’ll Help You Get In-App Engagement and Acquire Quality Users:

Through our network of 30,000 publishers, we’ll help you reach your target audience in over 180 countries. Whether you’re interested in increasing in-app engagement via our Cost Per Engagement campaigns (CPE), or acquiring targeted users through a Cost Per Install (CPI) campaign, we’ll help you scale your campaigns at pay for performance rates. We can also execute a burst campaign for your app if you need users ASAP. If you’re looking to get started in Q1, we’re also offering up to $1,000 in free ad credits.

We’ve Got Quality Traffic/Offers:

If you’re from an affiliate network, or are looking to monetize your app, site, or content, we’re your direct campaign source. Currently, we have over 1,000 offers that can be used to monetize via rewarded and incentive-based promotion. We specialize in offers that convert well for rewards-based traffic (such as offers to monetize an offer wall), thus we’re stocked with quick-converting campaigns like freebies, mobile apps, videos, and surveys. You can also get programmatic access to our offer inventory via our Offers API.

Need traffic? Our publishers can deliver traffic to your desktop and mobile campaigns in 180+ countries. We’re able to handle all of your campaign needs in a variety of formats, including CPI, CPE, Market Research, Rewarded Video, Cost Per Action (CPA), and Cost Per Sale (CPS).

You’ll Be Paid Handsomely to Refer Others: 

Our referral program will allow you to earn 5% commission on the lifetime earnings of anyone you refer to Adscend Media. With our average publisher earning thousands monthly, your referrals will quickly turn into a nice payday.

We’ll Refer Others to Your Business:

If your business is mobile-app related, we’d love send some business your way. Our publishers are always looking for solutions to help them generate more revenue, so we’d be more than happy to promote your solution in our social channels, guest blog posts, newsletter, and other mutually beneficially areas.

Ready to Grab that Beer? Let’s Meet at MWC!

To schedule a chat with us during Mobile World Congress, simply use our automatic meeting scheduler. We’ll be more than happy to meet with you, and of course, get you a beer.

Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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