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Adscend Enhances Industry’s Best Offer Wall with Powerful New Features

Adscend Media's Offer Wall

Since we launched our Offer Wall in October 2014, we made sure to pack it with features that can’t be found anywhere else, including direct user support, market research surveys, and the industry’s easiest integration options. The results have been incredible, with our Offer Wall producing higher eCPMs (up to $90!) and massive boosts in retention for our mobile app, website, and gaming publishers. However, there’s always room to earn more, don’t you think?

Our Offer Wall, like our other monetization and advertising solutions, will never be finished. We’re proud to say that because we’re always looking for new ways to increase your revenue. We’re constantly tinkering, testing, and innovating to make sure our solutions continue to produce impactful results for you. It’s our job, and we’re happy to do it! Thus, we’re proud to announce that we just released some major new additions to our Offer Wall that can easily increase your earnings from your website, mobile app, or game. Best of all, if you’re an Adscend Media publisher, you can start generating more revenue today with as these new additions, as they’re already included in your Offer Wall! 

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New Offer Wall Enhancements:


EngageMe.TV (Desktop Only, Coming Soon for Mobile Web, Apps): Our exclusive EngageMe.TV offers arm your Offer Wall with your users’ favorite way to earn rewards–video. For each video your users watch, they’ll earn your rewards and you’ll generate revenue. EngageMe.TV videos aren’t your standard, boring offer wall videos however, as these short videos feature topics users normally check out daily anyway–such as cooking demos and movie reviews. Your users will love watching EngageMe.TV videos to earn your rewards, as not only are the videos quick and engaging, users can watch as many as they would like each day. We would say EngageMe.TV is the easiest way to create a new revenue stream and boost user retention from your Offer Wall users, but then there’s Rewarded Video for Offer Wall

Rewarded Video for Offer Wall: Rewarded Video for Offer Wall lets mobile users watch short app trailers in your Offer Wall to earn your rewards. After a user views a trailer, they can choose to download the app, or simply proceed to earn your rewards. Best of all, you’ll generate revenue directly from us after each app trailer view, regardless of whether a download occurs. It’s that easy for users to earn your rewards and for you to start generating more user revenue and return visits. We’re also the first company to pay our publishers solely for app trailer views on an offer wall, a practice that dramatically increases conversion rates of rewarded video ads, making conversion as simple as watching a 15-30 second app trailer. BTW, your users will dig the quality of apps served by Rewarded Video for Offer Wall, as they’re some of the biggest apps in the industry, including blockbusters like Pokémon Go and Words With Friends.

Incentivized Market Research Survey Profiles: Paying an average of $2.50 per completion, our market research surveys are great revenue generators. However, we’ll further increase your earnings by rewarding your users to complete profiles to receive these surveys! That’s right, you’ll generate revenue directly from us each time one of your users creates a Market Research Survey Profile, leading the way for you to receive more higher-payout survey completions each day!

New Customization Options: Looking for a better user experience? You can now customize the colors of your Offer Wall, as well as add a background image, to match your app or website. Got a sweepstakes website? Perhaps you have an endless runner, casino, or shooter game? No matter your niche, these new appearance customization options allow you to create awesome custom Offer Walls like this one for CSGO websites. If you have already created an Offer Wall, visit the Offer Wall customization page to customize the appearance of your Offer Wall today!

Getting Started:

Here’s how you can start earning more with our new Offer Wall enhancements:

Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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