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Adscend Media’s Meet Market Newbie Guide (Updated)

Affiliate Summit Meet MarketOne of the toughest tasks for Affiliate Summit newbies is creating an agenda that maximizes return on investment. Essentially, this process comes down getting the most value out of Summit’s networking opportunities, parties, and sessions. When it’s your first time at Summit, this is quite the task. However, we’re here to help make your life a little easier, by giving you some tips on how to maximize the value of the Affiliate Summit Meet Market.


Taking place on Sunday during Summit, typically from 12 p.m.-6 p.m., the Meet Market is a one-day event that allows conference attendees to quickly meet as many Affiliate Summit exhibitors as possible. However, unlike the Affiliate Summit Exhibit Hall, there are no elaborate booths or multiple floors of exhibitors at the Meet Market. All Meet Market exhibitors are located in one hall and booths are replaced by tables. This simple layout allows for Meet Market attendees to move quickly from table to table.

With major conference networking taking place in a venue that is about 1/3 of the size of the Affiliate Summit Exhibit Hall, the Meet Market can be a little hectic for Affiliate Summit first timers. With a little help from the tips below, you should be able to have a successful Meet Market experience:

Map it Out: Prior to attending the Meet Market, we recommend that you check out the Exhibit Hall and Meet Market Map to determine which exhibitors are potential fits for meeting your business objectives. This map not only provides the location of each of the exhibitors at the Meet Market, but also provides a description of each exhibitor and their contact information. As you review the map, make sure to jot down the table numbers of Meet Market exhibitors that you would like to meet with. Then, when you do decide to enter the Meet Market, you will be able to easily move to your intended business targets.

Visit Key Exhibitors First: Though one day at the Meet Market can be extremely productive for an exhibitor, it can also be tiring to make hundreds of connections in a single day. Therefore, around 5 p.m. during the Meet Market, you will notice that some exhibitors will start to close up shop. For this reason, we recommend connecting with the important exhibitors on your list earlier in the day.

Keep it Brief: As previously mentioned, with all activity taking place in a single hall, the Meet Market can be a noisy place. Therefore, we recommend keeping your conversations short and to the point. Trying to go into the specifics of your business model might not be too productive with conversational noise humming loudly around you. For best results, think more elevator pitch, and less formal meeting. The goal of your conversations should be to simply find out if you and the exhibitor are a fit to work together in the future.

One and Done: Finally, not all Meet Market exhibitors will have booths when the exhibit hall opens on Monday. Therefore, we recommend cross-checking the companies that will exhibiting in the Affiliate Summit Exhibit Hall against those who will be exhibiting in the Meet Market by using the Exhibit Hall and Meet Market Map.

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See you at the Meet Market!

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