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Adscend’s Market Research Survey Solution Now Available Via API

Market Research API
Need to Increase Your In-App or In-Site Earnings? Trust Us, You Need to Integrate this Bad Boy…

We’re proud to announce that you can now integrate our Market Research survey solution into your mobile app or website using the industry’s easiest API. The Market Research API is built to help you generate more revenue, allowing your users to complete custom-tailored surveys in order to earn more of your in-app or in-site items.

Integrating Adscend’s Market Research API allows you to:

      • Get Higher Payouts: With our custom-tailored surveys, you’ll earn up to $30 each time one of your users completes a survey!
      • Increase Daily Earnings and Retention: Your users will love completing surveys that relate directly to them, keeping them engaged while they earn more credits towards your in-app or in-site items. Best of all, our Market Research solution allows your users to complete an average of 15 surveys per day!
      • Add a Powerful Survey Profiling System: Our Market Research API allows your users to complete custom user profiles, enabling them to receive higher-credit surveys directly based on their interests, behaviors, and demographic makeup. This engaging profiling system has shown incredible results for our publishers, as more than 100,000 users typically create profiles each month!
      • Supplement Your Existing Monetization Efforts: The Market Research API gives you the flexibility to slide our high-payout surveys and engaging survey profiling system right into your current monetization mix.
      • Start Generating Revenue Faster: As we mentioned above, our Market Research API is the industry’s easiest to integrate, requiring only five calls. Designed with your time in mind, this REST API is built for quick turnaround.

Ready to Integrate the Market Research API?

View the Market Research API documentation to get started today!

Need More Info on Our Market Research Survey Solution?

Visit the Adscend Media Developers page for more information on our Market Research surveys.

Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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