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3 Reasons Why You Should Reward Your Offer Wall Users with E-Gift Cards

With the era of intrusive advertising coming to end, savvy publishers are turning to rewards-based monetization solutions to generate revenue from their app, website, and gaming users. And who can blame them? With study after study consistently showing that users prefer being rewarded for interaction with ads (vs. having ads thrown at them), it’s easy to see why publishers are ditching interstitials, banners, and other intrusive forms of in-app or in-site advertising for more user-friendly ad units like offer walls.

Giving users multiple, easy options to earn rewards by completing short offers, offer walls can have a huge impact on a publisher’s bottom line. Adscend Media’s Offer Wall for example, generates eCPMs up to $90 with boosts in retention for their mobile, gaming, and website publishers. Though results from offer walls like Adscend’s are impressive, there is room to generate even more revenue from an offer wall by rewarding your users with e-gift cards.

The most requested gift nine years running (NRF, 2015), e-gift cards allow users to redeem their earned reward points at retailers they visit often, such as, Google Play, and iTunes. Giving users a familiar, tangible, and popular reward for their time, the addition of e-gift cards can provide a nice revenue boost for your offer wall. Thus, if you’re looking to earn more from an offer wall, here’s…

3 Reasons Why You Should Reward Your Offer Wall Users with E-Gift Cards

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#1: Increased Engagement

When the team at Tango Card recently launched an internal survey of 41 of our existing customers who use e-gift cards to reward or incentivize consumer web/app users, we found that they all had meaningfully increased engagement. From our survey, we found that there were several key reasons why users engage more often with offer walls that reward users with e-gift cards:

Selection: Users have a variety of options when redeeming their gift cards, often at places where they already happily spend their money, such as Target, Hulu, and Best Buy.

Users Get Value Faster: Offer walls incorporating e-gift cards at the $1-$5 range allow for frequent cashouts, received immediately, which bring users back to complete more offers.

Positive Brand Association: Users think of offer walls that reward with e-gift cards fondly – in business use cases, over two-thirds of recipients of e-gift cards positively remember who gave it to them when spending (Loyalty360, 2013).

#2: Maintain a Strong User Experience

When it comes to creating engagement within an app, game, or website, a positive and consistent user experience is a necessity. One of the key reasons behind the rise of the offer wall as a preferred monetization solution is that strong user experience. With an offer wall, the ad interaction experience is totally up to the user, as users can easily choose which offers they want to engage with and how much time they want to spend earning rewards daily. Rewarding with e-gift cards maintains the strong user experience of an offer wall, as e-gift cards are simple to explain, easy to display, and can arrive instantly.

#3: Reduce Your Rewards Budget

Perhaps the best part of rewarding your offer wall users with e-gift cards – you can save money! When you successfully incorporate e-gift cards into your offer wall, and send enough to your users, you can purchase them at a discount from vendors like Tango Card. These discounts can range from 3-10% depending on card chosen, allowing you to reduce your user rewards budget significantly. Purchasing from Tango Card allows you to take advantage of their scaled volume too!

Start Rewarding Your Offer Wall Users with E-Gift Cards:

Looking to get started with e-gift cards? Tango Card can provide APIs and support teams to help you add e-gift cards, and other digital rewards, into your app, website, or game offer wall.

At Tango Card, we have 2,000 customers that use e-gift cards to reward and incentivize engagement. We help them with the implementation of e-gift card catalogs into their UX, the delivery of the rewards, and the sharing of e-gift card margins. Please reach out if you’d like advice or help with e-gift cards. Lastly, you can find more info on our e-gift cards services at: and

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