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Linked Partners: 5 Reasons Why You’ll Earn Even More with the New EngageMe.TV App

EngageMe.TV Android App
EngageMe.TV                       Android App

Giving users the power to easily earn rewards through watching engaging videos like cooking demos and movie reviews, EngageMe.TV has quickly become a huge hit with Adscend publishers and users since we debuted it last June (it really doesn’t get much easier to earn rewards). This innovative monetization solution can be integrated into a publisher’s rewards site or app via the Adscend Offer Wall, stand alone offer promotion, or via direct integration on the EngageMe.TV website–as part of the EngageMe.TV Linked Partner Program.

Launched only just a few months ago, the EngageMe.TV Linked Partner Program has been providing huge returns for our desktop and mobile rewards publishers. The EngageMe.TV Linked Partner Program allows publishers to benefit directly from the massive influx of traffic that the EngageMe.TV site receives daily (over 12,500 user video views per day average–May 2017). This huge benefit is a major reason why major rewards platforms like instaGC, PrizeRebel, and Grindabuck have chosen to become Linked Partners.

There’s no charge for publishers to become an EngageMe.TV Linked Partner, and simply requires the publisher to integrate their app or site with our Offer Wall, and then complete the EngageMe.TV Linked Partner Form. Once these steps are completed, the publisher’s rewards platform will then become an available option for logged-in users seeking to earn rewards on the EngageMe.TV platform, which can be a difference-maker for a rewards app or site. For example, one Linked Partner recently reported that the EngageMe.TV site has sent over 450 new users their way, resulting in over 30,000 offer completions! Holy free new revenue source, Batman!

EngageMe.TV Android App
Easy Channel Navigation

Expected to launch very soon, the EngageMe.TV app brings the power of the EngageMe.TV platform to Android users this month (iOS app coming soon) . Though the benefits of becoming an EngageMe.TV Linked Partner have been substantial so far, these benefits have been strictly tied to the EngageMe.TV site only. We’re expecting a further increase in benefits for our Linked Partners with the upcoming release of the EngageMe.TV app, which makes earning rewards even more convenient for users on the go. Thus, without further adieu, here’s:

5 Reasons Why Linked Partners Will Earn Even More with the EngageMe.TV App:

Easier Earning (View Only!): For a limited time only on the EngageMe.TV Android app, we’re making it even easier for users to earn rewards (and for Linked Partners to generate revenue). Instead of a user having to watch videos and ads to earn credits, the user simply has to watch six videos to earn. Eliminating the ad requirement will not only help users complete more offers in your platform, it will also generate a ton of buzz in the rewards community, sending more users to the EngageMe.TV platform (and your site or app– if you’re a Linked Partner).

Even More New Users Via Advertising and Promotion: Having a successful network of 35,000+ publishers definitely has its perks, with one being the ability to launch targeted user acquisition campaigns in over 180 countries. Along with promotion via company social channels, we plan to launch Cost Per Install (CPI) campaigns across the Adscend publisher network, resulting in an influx of new users to the EngageMe.TV app and to our Linked Partners.

More Chances to Earn: As we have seen the last couple of years, ad budgets are going mobile. The EngageMe.TV app allows us to tap into the large supply of advertisers who are shifting their budgets to mobile, resulting in more ads for users to view to earn (and more opportunities for Linked Partners to generate revenue).

Better Mobile User Experience: Users will be able to log in easily and move quickly throughout the EngageMe.TV app, swiftly moving between channels and earning credits faster from their favorite Linked Partners.

Reaching New Rewards Users: Releasing the EngageMe.TV app on Google Play and the App Store allows us to start working on a foothold in the major app marketplaces, introducing a completely new segment of rewards users to our innovative rewards platform (driving more new users to our Linked Partners).

EngageMe.TV Android App
           User-Friendly                      Video Player

We’re expecting the EngageMe.TV Android app to be available this month, with the iOS version coming shortly there after. Therefore, if you’re looking to cash in on even more free users, now is the ideal time to become an EngageMe.TV Linked Partner.

Ready to Become an EngageMe.TV Linked Partner?

Adscend Publishers: Complete the EngageMe.TV Linked Partner Form.

Not Yet an Adscend Publisher? Join Adscend Media today and let your account manager know that you would like to be a part of the EngageMe.TV Linked Partner Program!


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