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The 30-Day Challenge: Adscend Media Delivers Loyal Shoppers to iGain


iGain, a leading market research affiliate network, is currently executing a mobile/desktop app advertising campaign via Adscend Media’s rewards-based traffic. Launched in February 2017, this campaign has been extremely successful for iGain, driving quality app downloads and engagement for one of their primary projects–the ShopTracker app.

The Background

The primary focus for iGain is on recruitment within the B2C Market Research community, specifically on providing new panelists and supplying updated data on the shopping habits of users globally. The ShopTracker app pays United States residents to share their recent purchase history by first downloading the app via a desktop or mobile device, and then sync their online shopping accounts. This research helps iGain’s clients report online shopping trends to the industry, and help dictate the future of online consumer goods.

The Challenge

iGain reached out to Adscend Media in order to acquire loyal shoppers based in the United States for ShopTracker. iGain wasn’t seeking a simple user acquisition campaign, however, as ShopTracker requires a consistent user shopping history to be able to supply quality research data. Therefore, iGain’s campaign was launched with the goal of not only acquiring users who love to shop, but user who are also willing to commit to the app for a longer period of time. For this campaign, iGain required that a user must keep the ShopTracker app installed for weeks. Thus, with 77 percent of users typically never using an app again with 72 hours after installing, the Adscend Media advertising account team definitely had their work cut out for them.

The Campaign

shoptrackerUpon meeting with iGain representatives, the Adscend account team worked alongside iGain to create a cost per action campaign to create loyal ShopTracker users. After studying Adscend’s supply of traffic in the United States, and using similar recent campaigns as precedent, the Adscend account team determined the cost per action campaign lead structure, including price and conversion window. To meet ShopTracker’s retention needs, the ShopTracker campaign was launched with two requirements for conversion:

  • Users must install the app on a desktop or mobile device
  • Users must keep the app installed for a minimum of 30 days.

Upon agreeing to the campaign terms, iGain provided Adscend with the basic offer information, creatives, a landing page for users, and tracking links. Adscend then executed the full setup of the campaign, and turned the campaign live in mid-February 2017.

The Account Management

Once live, the Adscend account team consistently worked with to ensure that the ShopTracker campaign continued to exceed iGain’s expectations through full account management. The Adscend account team focused on creating a stream of high-performance campaign traffic by actively monitoring campaign reporting data and optimizing traffic sources. Underperforming traffic sources were consistently paused by the Adscend account team quickly, ensuring a steady supply of users who were willing to download the ShopTracker app and keep it installed for 30 days. Monthly, iGain was also provided a full list of successful leads generated via Adscend’s traffic.

As with all Adscend Media campaigns, the Adscend account team routinely checked in with iGain to ensure that the campaign was exceeding expectations, with account team members easily available via Skype, phone, and email.

The Results

Adscend was able to drive over 1,000 new users to download the ShopTracker app and keep the app installed for 30 days, in approximately eight months (February 2017-October 2017). Additionally, Adscend’s campaign drove approximately 20,000 visits to the ShopTracker campaign landing page.

The Feedback

iGain has been consistently impressed with campaign results and Adscend’s level of service throughout the duration of the ShopTracker campaign, releasing this statement:

“Working with Adscend is always easy and friendly- they have a great account management team, and are more than willing to help in optimizing traffic as it comes in. Any project we have is live in their system quickly, and if it’s an attractive project to the user, it will scale volume rapidly. When working with Adscend, we don’t have to worry about the occasional need to pause traffic, or fix something on the fly, as the team is very responsive and always accommodating to the unique needs of our business.”

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Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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