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The Top 5 Reasons to Translate Your App ASAP

People using mobile devicesWith the release of the iPhone back in 2007, the world changed. Easy access to the internet revolutionized how people across the globe interacted, not only with each other, but with businesses too.  

At that time, apps were introduced as key to this revolution. And now, ten years and billions upon billions of downloads later, that couldn’t be more true.

The impact of apps is plainly obvious: brands and businesses use apps to reach and interact with users like never before. This results in opportunities that have the potential to scale massively on a global scale — no matter if you’re Coca-Cola or a two-person team working out of a garage.

This is why translating your app is absolutely essential. With a paltry 6-7% of the global population categorized as native English speakers, there are massive swaths of people who never interact with English apps. Keeping yours as one of these apps is an opportunity your business can’t afford to miss.

There are a wide array of game-changing benefits for businesses that translate their apps. However, here are five of the most completing reasons on why you need to make translating your app a top priority:

1. Take Advantage of Economic Growth

Think about it: the most significant economic growth and increases in purchasing power are happening in parts of the world where English is either not spoken, or isn’t the preferred language.

Ensuring your app is fluent in languages like Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish opens the door to massive portions of the global population. With China and India currently experiencing booms in their economy with the help of their smartphone-wielding citizens, and the Spanish languages connected to swaths of smartphone users in Latin America, your app will no doubt experience accelerated sales.

2. More Effective Marketing

While simply translating your app instantly allows your business to penetrate a brand new market, it doesn’t automatically mean it will perform well. Marketing must also play a role in your app’s rollout to different countries too!

For instance, the translation of your app should go hand-in-hand with a translated home website as well. This will result in a more cohesive business offering that makes a far better impression to potential users, which ultimately means a more loyal userbase who understands their importance.

3. Better App Store Optimization (ASO)

There’s no better, nor more cost-effective, app store marketing technique than simply translating your app and localizing keywords and metadata.


This allows your business to enhance the visibility of your app and brand based on specific keyword phrase searches in app stores.

In other words, more downloads overall — never a bad thing!

4. Get Increased Engagement

Angling for the best methods to increase downloads of your app is just the first step. There also has to be the longer-term goal of enticing users to keep using the app itself!

Here, engagement is the name of the game: the ultimate standard of whether or not an app is successful. And translating an app is a great step to help in this regard. Not only does a translated app instantly improve its usability, it more crucially increases the comfort level of someone using it.

Both of these traits have a drastic impact on whether or not a user comes back to it — or deletes it within five minutes!

5. Getting the Maximum Value from Localization

Translating your app instantly opens the door to entire populations of people you didn’t have access to before.

That’s just step one, though.

While all these people may now be able to read, understand, and enjoy your app, localization — or tailoring every aspect of business offering to a certain people or culture — should be your end goal. It involves assessing every single aspect of your business, from what types of phrases the app uses, to the colors it displays, to even what icons it uses for navigation.

The danger here? Low-quality translation providers. They’re a huge risk for your business and can result in huge marketing fails, which can end up hurting your business big time.

Because of this, translation and localization should be considered investments of the highest importance. Using services like Worders guarantees experts familiar with both the topic of your app and the market for the very best results every time!

With benefits like gaining access to rapidly growing markets, more cost-effective marketing, better app store optimization, and more sustained engagement, translating your app with a service like Worders should be a top priority for your business.

Juliana Mendez

Juliana Méndez is Business Development Consultant for the Premium translation service Worders which helps international companies all over the world to translate their apps, websites and any other content in premium quality. She is also Founder of Business Development Service based in Barcelona, Spain, and Germany. She has lived and worked in and between 4 continents where she built a global business network and navigated complex markets and market-fit challenges for clients. Juliana worked for almost a decade with and in tech startups and global corporate companies across industries helping them to reach their customers and key partners all over the world and improve their Go-to-market and Sales processes.

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