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5 Reasons to Monetize Your iOS Apps with Rewarded Video

Adscend Media's Rewarded Video

With the release of a new iOS SDK, iOS developers now have the ability to monetize their apps and games through Adscend’s Rewarded Video technology. Previously available only for Android apps, the iOS Rewarded Video SDK allows iOS developers to use captivating video and big branded apps to increase their daily app earnings. Whether your apps have just launched, or are moving up the app store rankings, here are:

5 Reasons to Monetize Your iOS Apps with Rewarded Video

Before covering the benefits of Rewarded Video, here is a quick breakdown of how it works:

A user seeking your in-app rewards will be shown a short app trailer from a popular app. Upon completion of the trailer, the user can choose to download the app, or simply continue on to receive your in-app rewarded. For each app the user chooses to download, you will earn up to $5! OK, now back to the list!

5 Reasons to Monetize Your iOS Apps with Rewarded Video (for real this time)

Monetize Your Non-Paying Users: Even if your app is absolutely crushing it, chances are only a small percentage of your users are making in-app purchases. Imagine how much more revenue you could generate if more of your users were making in-app purchases? Rewarded Video eliminates the barrier of price for users, allowing users to acquire your valuable in-app rewards by simply watching app trailers.

Increase User Retention and Loyalty: Watching app trailers gives users an engaging and easy way to earn your in-app items, encouraging users spend more time in your app.

Earn More with Popular Apps: Rewarded Video serves some of the world’s most popular apps to users seeking your in-app rewards, including StubHub, Candy Crush, and Pepsi. By giving users apps that they actually want to download, you should see an uptick in conversions and UX as well.

Get More In-App Purchases: By allowing users to obtain your in-app rewards without requiring payment, Rewarded Video can help you prove the value of your in-app rewards. As users utilize Rewarded Video to experience more of your app or game, they will see firsthand how your in-app rewards make a difference to their experience, whetting their appetite for more traditional in-app purchases.

Get Two Monetization Systems in One SDK: Downloading the iOS SDK for Rewarded Video allows you to also implement AdWall offer wall into your app. Giving users the ability choose from a variety of offer types to earn your in-app rewards, AdWall pairs nicely with Rewarded Video to help you generate revenue through incentivized and non-incentivized promotion.

Ready to Earn More from Your iOS Apps or Games?

Integrate Rewarded Video and Earn More from Your iOS Apps and Games

Got an Android App or Game?

Android Developers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Rewarded Video and AdWall can be easily integrated into your Android apps via our Android SDK.

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Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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