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5 Ways to Boost Your Adscend Media Earnings in March

5 Ways to Boost Your Adscend Media Earnings in MarchWeddings, sporting events, graduations, vacations, and various other warm weather events are fast approaching in the next few months. At Adscend, we want you to have a record March (and have a little extra spending money for summer ğŸ˜Ž ) and have come up with a list of action items that you can implement immediately to help increase your earnings in March.

By taking advantage of recent enhancements to the Adscend network, and through utilizing AdLock® technology, the action items listed below have the ability to help publishers of all skill levels generate more revenue. Therefore, why not give a few of them a shot and see if you can turn a good March into a great one?

5 Ways to Boost Your Adscend Media Earnings in March

1. Place Key Offers on Your Watch List: If payout or status changes on a particular offer are important to you, we recommend that you add that offer to your Watch List. Formerly known as Bookmarked Offers, adding an offer to your Watch List will allow you to receive an alert via email or by server-side postback on any payout changes to that offer. You will also receive an alert if a Watch List offer is paused, or returns active from being paused. Taking advantage of the Watch List can help you decide when to increase, or pause traffic to an offer, thus helping you earn more each month. For more information on the Watch List, check out: New Publisher Dashboard Feature: Introducing the Watch List!

2. Revisit the AdLock® Link: Formerly known as the File/Link Gateway or Hosted Content Locker, the AdLock Link has been redesigned to help increase conversion rates and provide a more polished user experience. Therefore, if you are looking to generate more revenue in March from our customizable hyperlink monetization technology, we recommend that you give the new AdLock Link a try. With easy to follow steps, a clear call to action, and a sleeker design, utilizing the new AdLock Link may help put some extra cash in your pocket in March. For more information on the AdLock Link, visit the AdLock Link home page (note that you must be logged in to your Adscend account to view).

3. Split-Test Adscend Offers vs. Your Other Incentive Offers: We know that most publishers work with multiple networks or providers. However, if you are currently running incentive offers with another party, we recommend that you try split-testing a few with us. We pride ourselves on having a large inventory of high EPC offers and technology that gets those offers in front of users worldwide. Therefore, split-testing a few non-Adscend offers against our offers may provide you with a quick revenue boost in March. Additionally, within the last twelve months, we have picked up a large amount of sought-after offers, including mobile app installs and offers that allow offerwall traffic. Thus, if you haven’t checked out our offer catalog in a while, you may not have seen some of our new offers that could be worth a split-test. Finally, if we don’t have your desired offer currently in our inventory, we may be able to get it for you as well. Which leads us to our next tip…

4. Request Offers: Is not having a particular offer hurting your revenue generating abilities with our network? If so, we would be happy to try to acquire an offer for you to help boost your earnings in March and beyond! Even though we have 1500+ incentive offers, we may not currently have a particular offer that you need. However, within the past year, we have enhanced our offer request process to be able to get the offers that you need quicker than ever before. Whether an offer is “crushing it” at another network, in a unique vertical, or from an advertiser that fits your marketing methods, we would love to track it down for you. To request an offer, please contact your account manager with as many details about your desired offer as possible (payout, current network or provider, landing page URLs, etc.).

5. Split-Test Your AdLock® Widgets: If you are currently using the AdLock Widget (formerly known as the Content Gateway or Content Locker), then you probably know how powerful it is. However, are your widgets currently optimized for maximum conversions? If you haven’t done so already, split-testing your AdLock Widgets can be a great way to learn more about the preferences of your audience and help you generate more revenue from your widgets. With multiple aesthetic, monetization, and performance options available for you to choose from, you can create an unlimited amount of different AdLock Widgets!

Does your audience respond better to certain types of offers? How about different widget color schemes or header text? Does an On-Exit Action work for your audience? Finding out the answers to customization questions like these can help you market more effectively to your audience and can help increase your revenue generation from your AdLock Widgets. With enough traffic and data, you may also be able to see results of AdLock Widget split-testing during the month of March. To learn more about split-testing your AdLock Widgets, visit the Widget Code page.

Looking for Even More Earnings in March?

If you have tried all of the applicable tips listed above, and would like more help increasing your earnings in March, don’t forget to reach out to your account manager! Whether it’s providing content locking best practice tips, finding new offers for you to test, or brainstorming niche and/or content ideas, your Adscend account manager is always willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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