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Earn More from Your Offer Wall with Market Research Survey Profiles!

Pictured: The user interface of our new market research survey profiles.

At Adscend, we share your passion for earning more from your website and mobile app traffic. Therefore, we are excited today to announce the addition of user market research survey profiles to Offer Wall.

Offer Wall technology is already packed with revenue-generating features to monetize your website or mobile app users. What makes the addition of market research survey profiles to Offer Wall so significant, is the information from these profiles can help you generate more earnings from your current Offer Wall users AND can help ensure a steady stream of daily return traffic to your website or mobile app!

How Market Research Survey Profiles Work:

Users visiting an Offer Wall on a web page or mobile app are prompted to complete a survey profile to receive access to more survey offers. After answering a few short demographic questions (location, ethnicity, employment status, education, etc.), users will then start dynamically receiving access to targeted market research surveys based on their answers. These surveys are built to outperform the general offer wall surveys that you see on other offer walls, as they relate directly to the needs, interests, and hobbies of users. Speaking of performance…

Market Research Survey Profiles Can Increase YOUR Offer Wall Earnings By:

    • Displaying Relevant Offers that Lead to More Conversions: Completed survey profiles help serve targeted surveys to your users, pre-qualifying them for surveys that more closely relate to their needs, interests, and hobbies. By providing your users with additional offers that “speak” more directly to them, as well as giving them access to more offers that they are eligible to complete, you should see an increase in completed offers on your Offer Wall.
    • Encouraging Daily Return Visits to Your Website or Mobile App: Looking for a nice bump in traffic and some more revenue? Offer Wall users with completed survey profiles are given access to new offers each day, encouraging them to consistently visit your website or mobile app. These daily visits can help generate some significant revenue for your website or mobile app too, as our Offer Wall publishers have generated eCPMs up to $90!
    • Increasing User Activity: Whether your users are actively completing offers on your Offer Wall, or have never completed an offer, serving them more offer choices is a great way to increase their activity. Users with completed survey profiles are given access to more (and more relevant) offers on your Offer Wall, increasing your chances of ramping up activity from your dedicated users, or finally generating revenue from your inactive users!
    • Generating Higher EPCs: Our initial tests show INCREDIBLE EPCs in the $.20-$.40 range for users completing surveys.
    • Helping Users Complete More Surveys: Users with completed survey profiles are given market research surveys that are simple to complete, involve products and services that match their interests, and that will always keep their information anonymous. With survey completion being so convenient, users can complete as many as 15 surveys per day on your Offer Wall!
    • Funneling Users to High-Converting Market Research Surveys: Prominently displayed on both web and mobile versions of Offer Wall, the Profile Creation Pane promotes survey profiles for you, prompting users to complete a profile to get access to in-demand premium market research surveys on your Offer Wall.

Ready to Earn More with Market Research Survey Profiles?

Active Offer Wall Publishers: We have already added market research survey profiles to all of your active, and inactive, Offer Wall profiles! You are all set to start earning more!

Adscend Publishers: All new Offer Wall profiles come standard with market research survey profiles. So, if you haven’t created an Offer Wall before, log in to your Offer Wall Profiles page to create an Offer Wall profile and test out our new market research survey profiles!

Don’t Have an Adscend Account? Fill out a publisher application today to apply to become an Adscend publisher, get access to Offer Wall, and start generating more revenue from market research survey profiles!

Questions About Our Offer Wall? Visit our Offer Wall page or email us at

Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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