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Introducing a Pay Per Download Game-Changer: 10 Reasons Why AdLock Vault Maximizes File Monetization

At Adscend Media, we are always striving to help you generate as much revenue as possible off of your premium content. Therefore, we are proud today to announce the launch of an innovative pay per download (PPD) technology for premium file publishers.

Now, for your monetizing pleasure, we would like to introduce the AdLock Vault!

AdLockVaultDEVICES (1)A member of the AdLock® family of content locking solutions, AdLock Vault technology prevents users from accessing your premium files until a user completes an action in an advertiser-sponsored offer (such as installing a mobile app). Once the user completes the action, you will receive a commission, and the user will get access to your file.

Easy to install and customize, mobile-friendly, and packed with revenue-generating features, AdLock Vault is poised to become the preferred monetization choice of premium file publishers. Whether you are interested in monetizing your apps, music, art/graphics, videos, images, or any other premium downloadable files, here are:

10 Reasons Why AdLock Vault Maximizes File Monetization

1.  Mobile-Responsive Design: AdLock Vault’s mobile-responsive design features full functionality across all smartphones and tablets, allowing you to dramatically increase your conversions from mobile traffic.

2. Web-to-Mobile Monetization Capabilities: AdLock Vault technology enables you to provide your desktop traffic with multiple options to complete mobile offers via their preferred mobile device. Essentially, AdLock Vault technology lets desktop users choose to complete offers on their mobile device through email, text message, short URL, or QR code. This functionality is about more than just convenience for mobile users, however. Web-to-mobile functionality can also have a large impact on your earnings, as we have seen web-to-mobile offers consistently deliver higher EPCs than web-only offers on our network.

3. Vibrant Offer Creatives: Most link lockers and solutions from PPD networks present only simple text links to users on their offer interfaces. Therefore, one of the many ways that AdLock Vault helps create a better user experience is by displaying vibrant, colorful, and mobile-optimized creatives.

4. Quick Setup and Deployment: No one wants to waste time stumbling through confusing setup and installation pages. AdLock Vault features a simple configuration wizard, quick multiple file uploader, one-click setup process, and easily shareable file links, allowing you to start monetizing your files in minutes.

5. Access to Highest Incentive-Based EPC Offers: Many incentive networks and PPD sites claim to have the highest incentive-based EPC offers, but we actually do! Our offer inventory is currently over 2,000 offers and features many high EPC mobile app offers. Thus, utilizing AdLock Vault technology to monetize your files will ensure that you are generating as much revenue as possible from your PPD technology.

6. Quality Network Service: Adscend Media is one of the first CPA networks with true PPD capabilities. Therefore, besides gaining access to innovative PPD technology through AdLock Vault, becoming an Adscend publisher allows you to gain access to our massive global offer inventory and industry leading publisher support services (one of the reasons why we have been recognized as one of the top ten CPA networks in the world by mThink for three years in a row).

7. File Type Flexibility: AdLock Vault’s offer interface is designed to allow for monetization of a virtually unlimited amount of file types. Here are just a few of the file types that can be monetized via AdLock Vault: eBooks, videos, images, mobile apps, art/graphics, templates, wallpapers, music, codes, game cheats, software, guides, and themes.

8. Lightning-Quick File Delivery: AdLock Vault technology helps ensure high-conversion rates for your file downloads by delivering files to your users through a secure Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our CDN serves your files from the around the world to areas closest to your users, allowing them to get your file downloads faster.

9. AdLock Products Generate Revenue: Since our inception, we have seen our publishers consistently generate higher levels of revenue by using AdLock content locking solutions vs. traditional content monetization solutions. Based on historical, network-wide data, we expect AdLock Vault to deliver eCPMs of approximately $50-$80 for our publishers.

10. Professional-Grade Design: AdLock Vault’s mobile-responsive offer interface features a can’t miss area for your CTAs, concise offer descriptions, easy to understand instructional text, offer completion tracking screens, and vibrant offer creatives. AdLock Vault minimizes download abandonment, as users are treated to an offer interface that matches their expectations for a professional file download page.

Start Monetizing Your Files With AdLock Vault Today! 

To get started with using AdLock Vault, you first need to become a publisher on the Adscend network. Sign up to Adscend Media today with information about how you plan to generate revenue with AdLock Vault, and an Adscend account manager will help you get started!

Already have an account? Log into the Your AdLock Vault Profiles page to begin monetizing your files with AdLock Vault technology.

Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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