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Introducing Mobile Video Locker: Welcome to a New Era of Content Locking!

Mobile Video Locker
doesn’t “play by the rules” of traditional content locking, as it combines captivating video, high-converting mobile apps, and non-incentivized promotion to turn your passive mobile visitors into revenue. Whether you’re new to content locking, or have been locking for years, Mobile Video Locker can help you generate more revenue from premium content. Available only at Adscend Media, Mobile Video Locker is a game-changer.

You’ve Never Seen a Locker Like This:

How it Works:

Mobile users accessing your premium content are served a short app trailer, which features an option to download the app. Users can choose to download the app, or simply proceed to your content. For every app downloaded, you will earn up to $4!

Revenue-Generating Features:

Attention-Grabbing Video: Mobile Video Locker replaces boring ads with high-quality app trailers. These videos engage users, holding their attention and helping you generate more revenue.

Apps That Convert: Users will want to download apps from your Mobile Video Locker, as these relevant apps come from some of the biggest names in app stores, including StubHub, Candy Crush, and Pepsi.

Easy Mobile Monetization: After viewing an app trailer, Mobile Video Locker lets your users download an app in just one click, just like they do millions of times each day.

Better User Experience: Tired of annoying ads? So are your users. Mobile Video Locker lets your users choose to download apps and presents apps in a low-friction ad format, creating a better UX with more return visits and conversions!

Integration in Seconds: Simply paste one line of JavaScript code onto your site and you can start generating revenue with Mobile Video Locker today!

Higher-Performance Video: Mobile Video Locker serves videos blazing-fast at optimum quality, ensuring you won’t lose conversions due to poor video performance.

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Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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