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We’ve Turbocharged Ticket Times to Provide Even Stronger Offer Wall User Support

Our Ticket Times Don’t Know What Hit Them…

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It may be just conventional wisdom, but the fact that poor customer service costs businesses billions each year should not be ignored when it comes to monetizing your app or site with an Offer Wall.

Offer Wall users are investing their time (and showing commitment to your app or site) by completing offers to earn your rewards. By watching a video, downloading an app, completing a survey, or choosing another method to earn your rewards, your users are showing their commitment to your app or site. They want to dive deeper, and an Offer Wall grants them greater access without having to spend their hard-earned cash. Offer Walls can create a strong passive revenue stream, helping you earn more daily from the overwhelming majority of users who will never click on a banner ad or spend money in-app. Thus, it’s crucial to treat your Offer Wall users well.

Luckily, if you monetizing your app or site via Adscend’s Offer Wall, you’re in a great position to deliver a strong user support experience. Our latest enhancement to our Offer Wall support is our turbocharged ticket response times, allowing us to add another key feature to our industry-leading Offer Wall.

Adscend Offer Wall Support–Key Differentiators

Not all Offer Wall Support Teams are Created Equal…

Support by Actual Humans (Take that robots!)

Adscend’s Offer Wall provides active support for your Offer Wall users. If your users have crediting issues, they can easily click on the Offer Wall support tab and receive help directly from an Adscend team member. Offer Wall users don’t need an automated message when they are having difficulties earning their rewards, they need answers.

Imagine if you are stuck on a tough level on a mobile game and are having difficulty earning credits from an Offer Wall for a key weapons upgrade. An auto-reply simply won’t cut it. You need active support. For this reason, the Adscend team will be there for your users to actively respond to any issues that they are having on your Offer Wall, helping them earn their desired in-app or in-site rewards and be on their way.

Even Faster Support

Let’s circle back to the title of this post, shall we? Think back to the example above of being stuck in the process of earning a key weapons upgrade to beat a tough level. You contact support from your Offer Wall provider for help. Would an answer next week be O.K.? Not likely. If you are like most users, you would probably have given up on support after just one request when you didn’t hear back. And you’re definitely not coming back to that game any more. This is where Adscend’s new turbocharged ticket times come in. We know that timely support is crucial to Offer Wall revenue generation, thus we have implemented new support procedures and hired additional team members, allowing us to process your user support requests now within 24 hours! We’re processing thousands of support requests daily at rates that our competitors can’t touch!

Easy-to-Use Support Options


When your Offer Wall users need assistance, we have you covered. Adscend Offer Wall come standard with an easy-to-find support center, which features an F.A.Q. section to help users get familiar with your Offer Wall and answer common Offer Wall-related questions. If they need support, it only takes one click to reach the Adscend team!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re an Adscend publisher, you are all set with our highly-active Offer Wall support (including faster ticket response times)! However, if you aren’t monetizing your app or site with our Offer Wall, you’re missing out on the strong level of support that helps our publishers generate eCPMs up to $90 while boosting their daily revenue and retention. Become an Adscend publisher today and start earning more from your Offer Wall.

Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.


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