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5 Blogs That Will Help Your App Generate More Revenue

You probably should immediately drop what you are doing and check out these blogs.

Being a successful app developer today is no easy task. Not only do you have to fend for yourself against millions of apps just to get downloaded, you have to focus heavily on retaining your users in you want to maintain any sort of consistent revenue stream. However, you aren’t in this fight alone. There are tons of great blogs out there that continually publish great content to help you stay on top of your monetization game.

We’re big fans of the blogs below, as each one does a great job covering its particular niche of the app economy. Whether you’re an indie dev just starting out, or are gainfully employed by a ride sharing app that rhymes with Gruber (Never forget, Die Hard, never forget), we think you’ll be able to find a post or two of frequently from the blogs below that you can put to use towards your app’s monetization efforts.

5 Blogs That Will Help Your App Generate More Revenue

App Masters: App Masters covers a ton of ground when it comes to app monetization. From app marketing, to ASO, app indexing, App Masters covers basically all subjects that relate to generating app revenue. Most of their articles feature easily digestible lists and extended previews which give you just enough info to help you decide if you want to read on (but more than those annoying too short TLDR summaries).

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Apptamin Blog: Another blog that covers a wide variety of topics, the Apptamin Blog stands out by doing great job of simplifying many of the processes that are necessary for a successful app launch. Need help getting your app funded? Not sure how to get press coverage? Confused about ASO? Don’t fret, the Apptamin blog is filled with posts to help move your app from creation to revenue generation. Most posts are also aimed at newer app devs, with step-by-step instructions.

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IGDA Community Blog: If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your mobile game, make sure to check out the IGDA Community Blog. This blog features mostly long-form interviews from Independent Game Developer Association members from all levels of the gaming industry. When we say long-form, we mean it, as these interview typically run around 1,000 words. However, once you dive into one the interviews on this blog, you really won’t notice, as each interview provides personal insights from IGDA members on the gaming industry.

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App Annie Blog: This frequently updated blog from analytics giant App Annie features an uber-useful, weekly-curated digest of their top industry posts for the week. The posts in these digests come from industry thought leaders, news sources, and app monetization companies, and cover a mammoth range of topics from maximizing your ad spend to major accompanied from app industry giants like Lyft and Spotify. These posts also include a short summary that lets you why you should care about each article. Besides handy weekly digests, the App Annie Blog includes high-level posts on the state on the economic state and trends of the app industry from App Annie Staff as well.

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Gamasutra Member Blogs: If you are looking for fresh voices from the gaming industry, you definitely want to check out Gamasutra Member Blogs. Gamasutra allows developers to submit posts easily to their site, creating a unique mix of content “from the trenches.” Though not as polished as posts from industry-thought leaders, these posts often contain a few useful intimate nuggets of information to make them worth your while.

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Know of Other Must-Read App Blogs?

We’d love to hear more about any app blogs that have helped you generate more revenue. If we missed any blogs in the list above, feel free to leave the blog’s URL in the comments below.

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