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Market Research SDK: Meet the Industry’s Best In-App Monetization Solution

It’s Time to Start Generating Some Serious In-App Revenue


Our apologies for the extremely brazen title, but the entire Adscend Media team is pumped about the launch of our Market Research SDK. We’ve spent months fine-tuning this unique monetization solution to make sure it will help you earn more per day, retain more users, and provide one of the smoothest in-app ad user experiences on the market. In short, we’ve created a game-changing solution that your users will love and that will make you more money.

We strongly believe that no one in the app space can match the revenue-generating capabilities of our Market Research SDK. However, we’re prepared to back up our claims with data from our 30,000+ publishers and from the app monetization industry below. So, let’s dive into why you need to integrate our Market Research SDK into your app…

A History of Success

In February 2015, we introduced tailored market research surveys to our desktop Offer Wall publishers, as a new earnings option for users wanting to earn more credits faster. Over the past 12 months, many of our desktop publishers have seen significant success through market research surveys, with this powerful new earnings option helping to boost their retention rates and ramp up revenue as high as 3x. Our desktop market research surveys were a big reason why our Offer Wall has helped our desktop publishers earn eCPMs as high as $90!

We’ve also seen users fall in LOVE with market research surveys because they can earn higher rewards for just a few minutes of their time. Since inception, we’ve had over 120,000 users register to receive market research surveys from our publishers’ Offer Walls.

How Does it Work?

Users looking to acquire your in-app items (character upgrades, virtual currency, new weapons, etc.) will click on a navigation link within your app that will allow them to complete a survey profile. Once they complete the short profile, users will then receive custom surveys based on their interests, behaviors, and demographic makeup. These surveys will allow your users to earn more credits redeemable for your in-app items faster, while the valuable data from these surveys allow you to earn up to $30 per survey completed!

Traditional In-App Ads vs. Rewarded Ads: 

Before we go any further, we wanted to give you some background info about why rewarded ad solutions like our Offer Wall, Reward Video, and Market Research SDK are so successful. Traditional in-app ad solutions like interstitials and banners are the dinosaurs of the app monetization world. They’re obtrusive (a main reason why 80% of mobile users will likely be using AdBlockers next year), they do nothing to encourage repeat visits to your app, and users rarely make purchases from them. Conversely, rewarded ad solutions let your users opt-in to receive ads in order to earn in-app items, keeping them engaged longer, and encouraging them to return to your app more often. By treating ads as a means to helping your users reach a goal (e.g. getting past a tough level, building a better character, gaining more app access), instead of as a way to merely sell products, rewarded ads can dramatically increase your user experience.

Now that we’ve shown the value of rewarded ads, here’s:

5 Reasons Why Market Research SDK is the Industry’s Best In-App Monetization Solution:

Highest Paying Rewarded Ad Solution: Let’s put it this way…the average rewarded app download in the US pays around .30-.50 cents. With market research surveys, you’ll earn an average of $4 per completed survey, and you can even earn up to $30 per survey completed! No other rewarded ad solution provider can match that.

Retention and User Experience Mega-Booster: If your app is like most, you probably have issues with developing loyal users and have ads that hurt your user experience. Market research surveys can help you in both areas by giving your users a new, powerful in-app earnings option to earn your in-app items faster. Historically, our Rewarded Ad solutions have boosted retention rates for publishers up to 30%, and we expect our market research surveys to provide a similar lifeline to your app’s retention rate.

Users Love It: An easy way to earn more in-app item credits, rewarded ad users typically enjoy completing app download offers. In fact, these easy-completion offers currently have a conversion rate of 25% on our network. Market research surveys, however, are poised to blow app download offer CR% out of the water, by giving users a similarly easy way to even earn higher amounts of in-app credits.

Earn More Daily: Need a nice daily earnings boost? Our Market Research SDK lets your users complete an average of 15 new market research surveys a day. This averages out to an extra $10 per user per day! With the average in-app purchase under $5, our Market Research SDK can provide a monster boost to your revenue.

Strong Global Fill: New ad solutions can seem exciting, but if there isn’t enough inventory, the solutions are useless. This definitely isn’t the case with our Market Research SDK, as it provides a steady stream of surveys to users in US, UK, CA, IN, BR, AU, FR, and hundreds of other countries.

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Tony Cohn

Tony Cohn is a marketing manager with Adscend Media, a leading rewards-based advertising ad platform for mobile apps and games. When not at work, Tony enjoys watching New York Mets baseball, smoking cigars, and running. Originally from the Bay Area, Tony currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

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