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App Developer News: Android SDK Released for AdWall Offer Wall

AdWall Android SDKFresh off the release of an iOS 8 SDK, we’re proud to announce the launch of an Android SDK for AdWall, our innovative offer wall technology.

Since its launch earlier this year, AdWall has helped our publishers create thriving new revenue streams for their apps and websites (including eCPMs up to $90 in the US!).

Though AdWall integration is available via WebView and API, the AdWall Android SDK gives you a new native option for quickly implementing AdWall in your Android apps.

AdWall Android SDK (Key Features):

Tiny File Size: The AdWall Android SDK is only 73kb! Don’t blink, you may miss it.

EASY Implementation: Implementing a monetization system shouldn’t take all day. Therefore, we made sure that the AdWall Android SDK can be implemented in your app in minutes, requiring only a few lines of code.

Speed That Increases Conversions: Our Android SDK lets users scroll, search, and complete offers quicker on your AdWall. This speed lets your users go further on your offer wall, allowing you to generate more revenue while they experience more of your app.

Multi-Version Compatible: Gingerbread Android 2.3.3 (API Level 10) and higher are supported with our SDK.

Sample Project Included: To help make installation even easier, we’ve included an Android Studio project in the AdWall Android SDK.

Get Started with the AdWall Android SDK Today!
View Documentation and Download AdWall Android SDK

Need an iOS SDK?
View AdWall iOS 8 SDK Documentation and Download SDK

Tony Cohn

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