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App Developer News: iOS 8 SDK Added to AdWall Offer Wall, Android SDK Launching Soon

Generating Revenue from Your In-App/In-Game Users Just Got Even Easier…

Announcing the Launch of the AdWall iOS 8 SDK and the Upcoming Release of the AdWall Android SDK!

AdWall offer wall displayed on Android and iOS devices

Lurking deep behind the shadows, unnoticed, like superheroes, Adscend developers are constantly working to help you generate more revenue from your mobile app or game. Recently, they took a break from saving the world (or at least the mean streets of Austin), to make some additions to AdWall, our innovative offer wall. AdWall is already a proven in-app/in-game revenue generator (eCPMs up to $90 in the US), however, our development team made user monetization even easier with these new additions:

iOS 8 SDK Launched: Earlier this month, we added an iOS SDK to our AdWall implementation options (WebView and API are also available). This lightweight SDK is FAST, helping your users quickly scroll, search, and complete offers on your offer wall. Built to increase user conversion rates, the AdWall iOS 8 SDK has one of the most responsive designs currently available for a mobile offer wall, featuring display optimized for small and large screen sizes.

Ready to Get Started with the AdWall iOS 8 SDK?
View AdWall iOS 8 SDK Documentation
Download the AdWall iOS 8 SDK

Android SDK Available in Mid-June: When it comes to our SDKs, there is no reason why iOS developers should have all of the fun. Therefore, we are planning to release the AdWall Android SDK in mid-June. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of apps, this SDK will be compatible for apps using Android versions as far back as 2.3 (Gingerbread). With a small file size, strong responsive display, and quick installation, utilizing the AdWall Android SDK will be one of the easiest ways to create a new revenue stream for your app/game.

As previously mentioned, the AdWall Android SDK won’t be ready until mid-June. However, you can sign up to receive notifications of its release by visiting the AdWall Android SDK page below:

Get Notified of AdWall Android SDK Release.

New Developer Portal: We have also launched the Adscend Developer Portal, which allows you to view offer wall SDK documentation (including a sample project) and updates. This developer resource will also continue to grow in the coming months, with additions such as documentation for other implementation methods (WebView, API). Designed to provide you with the right information for YOUR development needs, the Adscend Developer Portal can quickly help you implement Adscend mobile monetization products.

Take Me to the Adscend Developer Portal

Tony Cohn

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